Explain the memory management concepts in LINUX o/s.

The memory management subsystem is one of the
most important parts of the operating system. The memory management subsystem
Protection: Each
process in th system has its own virtual address space. These virtual address space
are compeletly separate from each other and so a process running one
application cannot affect another.
large address space:  The operating system makes the system appear
as  if it has a larger amount of memory
than it actually has. The virtual memory can be many times larger than the
physical memory the physical memory in the system.
Memory mapping:
Memory mapping is used to map image and data files into a processes address
space. In memory mapping, the contents of a file are linked directly into the
virtual address space of a process.
Fair Physical memory
:  The
memory management subsystem allows each running process in the system a fair
share of the physical memory of the system.

Shared virtual memory:  There could be several processes in the
system running concurrently and simultaneously depending upon the number of
processors residing in the system but might be using the common file.
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